ClickTime Website Review & Ratings + ClickTime Coupons
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ClickTime Website Review & Ratings + ClickTime Coupons

ClickTime: Products & Services

ClickTime is a registered trademark of, Inc., a Software as a Service (SaaS) company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA.  The mission of the company is to deliver web based online business applications that are easy to try, use and buy. This company distributes hosted timesheet software on a subscription basis.  

The main product offered by this company is ClickTime, a powerful web-based timesheet.  This award winning software is intuitive and has robust features that help companies of all sizes to simplify time and expense management.  This software was developed by a team of professional managers and developers and they have continually refined it for more than 10 years.  This entirely web-based software has numerous practical features that can be accessed from all popular web browsers and platforms such as:

  • Microsoft Windows - Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista
  • Mac - OS X, on Safari, Firefox and Chrome
  • Linux
  • Mobile DevicesiPhones, Android, Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, Google Android devices, BlackBerry devices, Palm Pre and Windows Phone

This software has all the features needed to track time wisely.  These features include:

Today, ClickTime is the trusted timesheet management software of choice for thousands of customers worldwide.  This software is intuitive and extremely easy to use.  It keeps you up-to-date and in command with dashboard displays.  It makes time and expense management effortless and hassle free for users, managers and decision makers.

ClickTime: Company Background

ClickTime is a SaaS (Software as a Service) developed by Inc., a US based company that distributes hosted timesheet software on a subscription basis.  The company was founded in 1997 by Alex Mann and Harold Mann.  It was founded as a division of Mann Consulting, an IT consulting firm based in San Francisco.  In 1999, this company became ClickTime.  The company has experienced tremendous growth since its inception and now serves thousands of companies worldwide and has over 200 million hours of time.

The headquarters of the company are located at 282 Second Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105.  The company has additional offices in Austin and Denver.  The company’s email address is, the fax number is (415) 684-1099, the telephone number is 888 746-8227 (US customers) and +1 415 684-1180 (international customers).  The IP address of the company is and it is hosted in San Francisco, USA.

ClickTime: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Clients who have used ClickTime web-based timesheet software have only good things to say about it.  Most users report productivity boosts, profit gains and increase in business efficiency among other things.  Below is some feedback from some of the users.

  • Our employees genuinely preferred ClickTime. Time entry in ClickTime is intuitive and easy, and our employees really liked ClickTime's expense entry interface. The expense approval process made reimbursements quick and simple. - Jeanette Hall, Accounting Manager, Merline Ramco
  • We love ClickTime! It is the answer to our time-tracking prayers. As the Creative Services team for a fast-moving training company with several in-house clients, it was difficult to measure our time spent and tasks performed throughout the day using conventional time sheets. I've learned that creatives do not enjoy paperwork, but are rather drawn to the interactivity of the internet. ClickTime's automated function makes it simple to keep track of our time—and fun. For the first time, the entire department submitted time sheets without being reminded. Thanks for a great product. - Tiffany MacMillan, Primedia Workplace Learning
  • My company, StudioMoon, specializes in Identity Design. We're a small company so we never have time to waste. Since we've been using ClickTime we've tracked over 4,000 hours, and we spend less than half as much time on timesheets as we did before. The interface makes it more enjoyable to enter time, and we can see that our data is entered and tracked securely—and with much more accuracy than when we did it by hand. The level of detail that we're able to easily provide through a variety of reports allows us to demonstrate complete accountability to our clients. We can't imagine tracking our time any other way now. - Tracy Moon, Founder, StudioMoon Identity Design
  • Our management wanted to improve accountability and cost management around project and non-project resource time. We used ClickTime to track time for all of our technology resources. It gave us an accurate view of our resource time and costs. [On top of that,] training and administration were straightforward and easy. - Debjani Dasgupta, Sr. Project Manager, Expedia Inc.
  • I was first introduced to ClickTime more than 7 years ago. Of course, the concept of my employer tracking my time made sense. Today, with a growing firm of my own, ClickTime more than makes sense when it comes to tracking and estimating time spent on productivity and planning—ClickTime makes cents. Thank you ClickTime. Of all the web-based tools I use to help me run my daily business, you are the best. - Don-E Coady, Director, Dc Design House Inc.
  • We've been using ClickTime for two years now and we've become really big fans of your product. We used to have a combination of different software applications and paper forms for our PC and Mac teams, but our old system was just too rigid. ClickTime works well across all of our platforms and takes the chore out of timekeeping, freeing us up to focus on our clients' work. It's accurate, intuitive and flexible! Now we're able to perform real-time project estimates and provide our clients with live on-site reports that were previously unfeasible. We're glad to have a system in place to ensure that time entry is done right. - Mike Neumeier, Principal, Arketi Group
  • We've been happy ClickTime customers since 2004, but a few months ago, our PEO pushed us onto some bundled management software. We soon realized we had made a mistake. They were anything but user-friendly or platform-independent. These last 7 months have been a horror. We're coming back to ClickTime. - Christine A Robinson, President, System/Technology Development Corporation
  • After implementing ClickTime, we were able to more closely track the exact amount of time and the nature of the time that our Public Relations specialists were dedicating to their clients. ClickTime allowed us to provide incredible detail to our clientele about where their dollars were being put to use. In summary, it has allowed AMP3 Public Relations to become more organized, our clients more informed, and has streamlined our workflow. We can't imagine how we worked without it! - AMP3 Public Relations
  • We used to have individual hardcopy timesheets, spreadsheets, faxes, signoffs, delays, and project scope avalanches. Now we've revamped our entire timesheet and project reporting process around ClickTime. Our data is in one central database and is accessible to all who need it. The time/money we've saved in physical process pales in comparison to the time/money we've saved preventing runaway projects!" - Mark Rieves, U.S. Production Manager, Advanced Educational Corporation
  • With professional services, time really is money. We were able to install and integrate ClickTime in one day, our employees learned to use this intuitive software immediately, and admin and maintenance are quick and easy. So, while it took no time to get going on ClickTime, ClickTime captures all of the time that our employees spend servicing our clients and developing our firm. ClickTime to us is not just timesheet software. Thanks to ClickTime's sophisticated yet simple reporting and integration, it is an information source that helps us run our firm. - Daniel Katzki, CFO, Horn Group
ClickTime: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

ClickTime is not registered or rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  However, there are a number of other things to show that this company is reputable and that it has good business credibility. 

  • Firstly, this company has received overwhelming positive feedback from customers who have used its software.  There were no negative comments about this company. 
  • The company serves thousands of businesses in more than 55 countries worldwide.  It serves small companies and members of the Fortune 500 such as Visa, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Google, Citi, Ernst & Young, American Red Cross, Johns Hopkins, TD Bank and Emerson among others.
  • The company has partnered with reputable organizations to help deliver world-class software solutions by offering distribution, technology and integrated applications.  These partners include Intuit Inc., Microsoft, Cloud9 Real Time, Right Networks, Uni-Data & Communications Inc., Archetype, SuccessFactors and Intendance among others.
ClickTime: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

ClickTime website is quite popular as its Alexa page rank is 100,958 out of the 30 million global domains.  Such a low rank means that this website is popular.  The website is popular in the US where it is ranked at number 27,450 and in Australia where it is ranked at number 16,617.  The site gets about 65% of its visitors from the US. 

According to Webstatsdomain, this website has a fairly good SEO score of about 17% and about 135 backlinks.  Its Google pagerank is quite good at 5 out of 10.  The website is estimated to be worth $7,691USD.

ClickTime: Social Media Presence

ClickTime is doing fairly well in the social media scene as it has pages in some of the leading social media networking sites.  A visit to its Twitter page shows that there are 317 Tweets, 114 Following and 125 Followers.   The company has also a page on Google+ with 3 followers.  There is also an active and interactive Blog that is updated regularly.  The last time the blog was updated was on 25th February, 2013.  Members can also signup for the company’s newsletter to keep up with the latest events, trends and news. 

Interestingly, this company does not have an official page on Facebook, You Tube or Pinterest.

ClickTime: Website Security & Safety

ClickTime takes security matters very seriously.  They do everything possible to protect your personal information and data.  They have put in place a number of measures to ensure security of their site.  These security measures include:

  • Use of a secure (https://) Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) encrypted connection when taking payment information to prevent credit card fraud.
  • Compliance with U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework which provides guidance for U.S. organizations on how to provide adequate protection for personal data from the EU as required by the European Union's Directive on Data Protection.
  • Storage of data in safe Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) and backing it up every two hours.

According to Google, this website is safe as it is not currently listed as suspicious.  A Google safe browsing diagnostic test carried out on the site showed that the site did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of other sites and it has not hosted any malicious software over the past 90 days.

ClickTime: Pricing & Packages

ClickTime is currently offering a 30-day Free Trial.  If you want to continue using their services after the free trial, you can upgrade your account by paying the necessary amount.  The prices this company charges for its packages depend on the number of employees using the software.  The company offers 3 types of packages namely Basic, Corporate and Enterprise.  Below are the prices charged by this company for various packages.

  • Basic - One-time startup fee - $99.00
  • Basic - Optional Module Startup Fee - $49.00 per module
  • Corporate – One-time startup fee - $249.00
  • Corporate – Optional Module Startup Fee - $79.00 per module
  • Enterprise Startup Fee – Contact the company for full pricing

In addition to the basic fees, customers are invoiced per month based on the plan they have chosen.  Below are the monthly charges for the 3 packages.

  • Basic Package - $10.00 per user
  • Corporate Package - $12.00 per user
  • Enterprise Package - $18.00 per user   

This company seems to charge slightly higher prices compared to its competitors.  Below is a brief price comparison with other companies offering similar software.

ClickTime: Shipping Rates & Policies

ClickTime offers it services to customers in all parts of the world.  Since the services offered by this company are 100% web-based, there are no shipping costs.  There is also no software to download or install as all the services are accessed via the company’s website.  The company is currently offering a full 30-day free trial.  No credit card details or long-term contracts are required for the free trial.  Once you signup for the free trial, your account is activated and you are notified by email. You are then assigned your own page on the company’s website where you can start carrying out your business. 

After the trial period, you can upgrade your account by paying the startup fee.   The startup fee should be paid within 30 days of account upgrade.  If you do not pay the startup fee by the 30th day, the account is automatically inactivated and a $20.00 reactivation fee is charged to reactivate it.  After paying up the startup fee, you will receive an invoice on a monthly basis.

ClickTime: Payment Methods Accepted

ClickTime accepts a number of payment methods on its secure website.  All customers outside North America and customers with less than 10 users must pay by credit card.  The credit cards accepted by this company include:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard

Customers in North America and customers with more than 10 users can pay using the above mentioned credit cards or pay using alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Check or Wire Transfer.

ClickTime: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

ClickTime does not have a money-back guarantee.  The company offers you a 30-day free trial period so that you can test its products and services.  If you decide to upgrade, it means you are satisfied with the services or products.  After you have paid the startup fee, the company invoices you on a monthly basis based on your usage.  This company does not credit or refund any amounts prepaid or paid as a result of failure of the service or for any other reason.  This means that all amounts paid are non-refundable. 

You can cancel your account any time by sending a written notice to the company.  The company can also terminate your account without advance notice if it believes that you have violated the Agreement terms.  You are not entitled to any refunds if your account is terminated in this way.

ClickTime: Product images & screenshots
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